Friday, March 21, 2014

Music & Memories

It was one of those mornings when, despite its best efforts, my under-eye concealer simply could not hide the effects of a night of sleep cut short. The caffeine from my second over-sized mug of coffee desperately tried to compensate for the lack of natural energy I possessed, but it wasn't succeeding.

As I drove to school, I took a deep breath, turned on the radio, and attempted to assure myself that I would survive the day, despite my heavy eyelids.

Just then, my ears perked up as they absorbed the first few notes of a familiar tune. My brain knew that it had heard that string of notes before, but it was so long ago that I couldn't quite remember the band who sang it or any of the words. Yet, the song felt so familiar.

Then, like a flash of lightning, recognition struck! As I suddenly remembered the song, the band who sang it, and every single lyric, I was brought back to my junior high days, when I used to belt out this tune with my youth group pals.

I couldn't resist. Ignoring the stares from traffic in parallel lanes, I proceeded to crank up the volume and, letting out my inner junior higher, I belted out the song just as I had many years ago.

A few minutes later, the music faded and I noticed that, although I felt twinge of disappointment at the song's end, I suddenly felt a surge of energy that no amount of coffee could have supplied.

My blood was pumping and I was ready for whatever was in store for me at school. I had found my ultimate energy cocktail: music and memories!


  1. Music is so powerful! Of course, now I want to know the song you were belting out in the car this morning!

  2. "Just then, my ears perked up as they absorbed the first few notes of a familiar tune" I love when a tune hits like this! Just those first few notes. . .
    this was fun to read, and might inspire me to put together some "morning memory music" for my rides.
    Thank you

  3. Isn't it amazing what a great song can do, especially in the morning? I hate how early high school starts, and one of the first ideas my husband came up with to cheer me up was a peppy morning playlist to listen to when I'm getting ready. It helps a lot, but the right song on the radio on my drive in always gives me an extra kick! I love the way you described that power.

    Since we're about the same age, I'm wondering what the song was... :-)

  4. You told this to perfection! I can so relate. When the right song is on, it can change my mood in the morning. What a great read!