Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sensing Spring

Yesterday, my morning commute was the inspiration for my Friday "slice of life." My evening commute was equally as inspiring, but in a different way. As I drove home, I soaked in the beauty of spring all around me and mentally wrote the lines below:

Spring made a grand appearance today! I could sense her all around me...

My ears heard her whisper in the cheep cheep of little birds and then shout through the roaring music of passing drivers who, like me, couldn't resist the urge to drive with the windows down.

My nose smelled her in a wonderful, appetite-inducing whiff of a charcoal grill, fired up for a springtime BBQ.

My eyes saw her in the joyful smiles and furious pedaling of the neighborhood children as they raced around on their bikes.

My skin felt her as the sun's rays touched and warmed my bare arms, thankful to no longer be covered up by a winter coat.

My lips tasted her as they relished a delicious frozen afternoon snack, grateful to savor cool treats after many months of sipping hot drinks.

Yes, Spring was here today. I sensed her all around me. 

Did you?


  1. A great mentor text for students - and yes, I sensed spring all around me yesterday too. But she went back into hiding today! (It's cold again here!)

  2. It seems that once again, we were writing along the same lines at the same time, but in our heads! You should read my slice from last night! :-)

    I loved how you captured each sense with such vivid details. Michelle's right -- this would be a great example for students!