Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Prayer for My Niece

Dear Heavenly Father,

You knew how badly my sister H wanted another child. It came as no surprise to You. 

You knew how elated we would all be when she shared the news with us at Christmas that you had blessed her with with a new little baby! We screamed and jumped with enthusiasm as we anticipated meeting this new blessing in just 8 months. It came as no surprise to You. 

You knew how joyful H and her husband L would be when they learned that their 2-year old daughter B would soon have a sister! It came as no surprise to You. 

And... You knew that H's heart would sink when the doctor told her that something on the ultrasound was irregular. Five months into the pregnancy, there was evidence of a cyst on Baby's brain. It came as no surprise to You. 

But God, it did come as a surprise to all of us. So, we ask You...please comfort us all...especially H&L as they try to understand, stand firm in their faith, and trust. And we ask you for BIG things. We ask you to work in mighty ways to heal Baby W, because we know that You are capable...and that none of this was a surprise to You.