Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why I'm Not "Really" Blogging Tonight

"B.W. Post Office" came the voice through my phone.

"Hi," I replied, "I'm calling to inquire about some mail I had held recently. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but still hasn't arrived."

"Ok. What's your address? I'll go check in the back."

A few minutes later, the postal worker returned to the phone with surprising news for me.

"Ummm... you have a crate full of mail. There's too much for the carrier to deliver. You have to come here to pick it up."

Thankfully, she couldn't see it when my eyes bugged out of my head. I quickly agreed to come retrieve our mail, wondering how much could have possibly accumulated in just three weeks.

Thirty minutes later, as I held out my arms for the postal worker to load me down with nearly a month of letters, magazines, coupons, packages, bills, and all sorts of junk mail, the curious stares coming from customers behind me were palpable.

"Well," I thought to myself as I heaved the pile of  mail onto the back seat of my car. "That certainly changed my plans for the evening!"
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