Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why I'm Not "Really" Blogging Tonight

"B.W. Post Office" came the voice through my phone.

"Hi," I replied, "I'm calling to inquire about some mail I had held recently. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but still hasn't arrived."

"Ok. What's your address? I'll go check in the back."

A few minutes later, the postal worker returned to the phone with surprising news for me.

"Ummm... you have a crate full of mail. There's too much for the carrier to deliver. You have to come here to pick it up."

Thankfully, she couldn't see it when my eyes bugged out of my head. I quickly agreed to come retrieve our mail, wondering how much could have possibly accumulated in just three weeks.

Thirty minutes later, as I held out my arms for the postal worker to load me down with nearly a month of letters, magazines, coupons, packages, bills, and all sorts of junk mail, the curious stares coming from customers behind me were palpable.

"Well," I thought to myself as I heaved the pile of  mail onto the back seat of my car. "That certainly changed my plans for the evening!"
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  1. Definitely changes plans. A whole month worth? That's kind of insane. Best of luck... stopping by from SOL!

  2. I bet most of that mail ends up in the recycle pile. It's amazing how much is not relevant to your survival. Enjoy going through all the envelopes. :-)

  3. I remember being so excited to pick up that giant tub of mail with my mom after family vacations when I was little! Now, it's not nearly as exciting!!! Glad you're back! :-)

  4. Hope you found some fun things in there!
    I like how you zoomed in on this moment!

  5. Perhaps a little something will be found that you can write about next week! It's amazing how much mail is sent, but I have to agree with others ... I bet most of it gets recycled!

  6. We now have my elderly mother in law's mail delivered to our house. It is amazing how much mail two households get. I can't imagine how much would accumulate in a month.

  7. That was quite the surprise! I remember when there was less mail and it was more personal.I hope there was a delightful surprise hidden in between the things you will probably recycle.

  8. Maybe there will be something in that pile of mail that will spark your next blog? Probably not, but you can always look at the junk mail and get a giggle out of something wackado that someone thinks you need to buy or know about.
    Barb Brown