Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Postcards from Greece

"Dear family," my pen scribbled, "Γειά from Athens!"

I paused for a moment, pen in hand, and contemplated what else to write. How could I even begin to describe our time in this city so rich with history, let alone the two weeks we had already spent in the Cyclades? Looking at the beautiful photography on the front of each postcard reminded me of the wonderful memories my husband and I had made during our "Trip of a Lifetime 2.0".  

How could I possibly describe to my family the beauty of a Santorini sunset? 

What words would paint a picture that allowed them to understand how small I felt standing on the summit of Mt. Zeus looking out on the Cyclades, or in the Acropolis looking up at the Parthenon? 

What should I write about the day we hiked up and around a volcano or swam in the natural hot springs of the Aegean Sea? 

How could I make them comprehend the emotions I felt and how the Bible came to life for me as I stood on the very hill Paul did when he addressed the Areopagus in Acts 17? 

And how could I share the joy that filled my heart after spending every second of every day for the last two+ weeks with my very best friend, chatting incessantly without ever running out of things to talk about, and laughing so hard my stomach ached? 

The white space on the back of my postcards seemed to shrink smaller and smaller by the minute.

Although trying to summarize even just one of the last 16 days seemed almost futile, I crafted a few sentences for my postcards, listing a few "highlights" of our trip. As I clicked my pen once again, I felt overwhelmingly blessed by the realization that I could easily fill an entire book with all of the memories my husband and I had made during this incredible vacation. While our trip was coming to an end, the memories we had made would last a lifetime. 
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  1. Those memories are priceless! It is a daunting task to fit in the activities on a postcard. Sounds like you've been rejuvenated.

  2. I am so glad that your trip has been wonderful! I still talk about my trip to Greece that happened over 30 years ago! (Just no Santorini on that trip.)

  3. We're going to Greece in two weeks. I'm starting to feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

  4. My eyes filled with tears imaging you in that spot...as you said the Bible came to life for you...

  5. My eyes filled with tears imaging you in that spot...as you said the Bible came to life for you...

  6. Just wanted to send you a note in case you are interested in visiting Holly's blog on Thursdays. Her topic on Thursdays is Spiritual Journey. Here is the link: http://www.hollymueller.blogspot.com You have much to share!