Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Inspired by Janna's blog posts each week, which have reminded me to stop and be grateful for the many blessings in life, I decided to do my own Thankful Thursday post.

Today, as with every day, I have much to be thankful for. Among a myriad of other things, I am thankful for... 

...sweet students and their words of affirmation. They have no idea how much it means to me when I hear comments like, "Yes! You're our sub again today?!" or "You're our favorite sub!" flow out of their mouths. Those words can keep me going for days.

...opportunities to practice trusting and praying when I am tempted to be stressed. I had one of these "opportunities" this morning, when I arrived to my substitute teaching assignment and discovered that several critical materials for my lesson were missing. Eek! It all worked out, as it always seems to. I'm thankful for the end result, too!

...the incredible outpouring of support and the thoughtful comments I received in response to my prayer post yesterday about my sister and niece. Thank you!

...the fact that I finally submitted my very last grad school assignment yesterday!

...a husband who shares my affinity for celebrations. A friend once told me, "You guys find a reason to celebrate things all of the time!" I guess it's true...we do tend to celebrate the little things and the big things...and I'm glad!

...a husband who yesterday walked for 15 minutes in the rain just to buy me my favorite drink at Kroger (flavored sparkling water) as a way to celebrate my completion of grad school. It's the "little things" that mean the most.

...for spring and reminders of new life!

...leftovers and the extra time they are giving me away from the kitchen tonight (even better when the leftovers consist of curry!).

...opportunities to learn. This year has been full of growth opportunities for me!

...accountability partners and friends who are willing to check in with me and ask "the hard questions."

... little moments in my day when I can squeeze in a bit of reading time and escape to another world. and videos of my 2-year old niece that make the 600-mile span that separates us a bit more bearable.

...the arrival of my "Greek Islands" Lonely Planet travel guide that arrived today and the promises of adventure it holds for my summer.

For these things, and so many more, I am thankful! 


  1. So many wonderful things are happening in your life! Congratulations on completing grad school! That alone is worth celebrating more than one day! Greek Islands sound wonderfully adventurous! I look forward reading where God will lead you in the future! I am thankful that after a long day at school, I am reading this thankful post!

  2. Wow - so much to be thankful for! Many congrats on finishing grad school! I hope your future opportunities are fruitful! And the Greek Island travel guide...oh, what a trip to plan and look forward to this summer! I love that you celebrate the BIG and little things in life! (I'm celebrating your sweet comments!) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. finished strong, I are a phenomenal writer and thinker. I am blessed by your list...and such an a great idea for one that I can do too. xo

  4. yuck...take out the 'an' before the a near the end....I also didn't press the right button!