Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Perks of Jet Lag

My eyes fluttered open as I awoke in an unfamiliar place. What time is it? My stomach growled. Had I slept through breakfast? My mind replayed a scene from yesterday when my husband and I checked into our cozy B&B on the island of Santorini.

"Breakfast is served each morning from 8 until 10" the manager had informed us with a thick Greek accent.

I rolled over and looked at my husband, who was still sound asleep. We couldn't possibly have both slept past ten, could we? After fumbling for my glasses, I reached for my phone to glance at the clock.

4:36?! You've got to be kidding! Good morning, jet lag!

Resolved not to get out of bed before 5 on my first day of vacation, I lay back down, closed my eyes, and tried to drift back to sleep. It was no use.  My brain was awake and there was no convincing my body otherwise. I settled for closing my eyes and "dreaming" of all of the things we were going to see and do on this vacation.

After nearly an hour, I decided that I could no longer lie still anymore. Glancing back at my husband, I realized that he had not budged an inch. Thankful that he is a heavy sleeper, I began to tip toe around our room in the dark.

Buried in my carry on was a granola bar calling my name. There was no way I could wait three more hours for breakfast. My body's internal clock was all messed up and the overwhelming signal it was sending to my brain was, "Feed me!"

With a belly a bit more satisfied, I suddenly had a bright idea. What time dose the sun rise here?  I clicked away on my phone, grateful for free wifi, and learned that the sun would rise on Kamari Beach in Santorini at 5:56 a.m. If I hurry, I can hop in the shower and still make it outside in time for the sunset. Geography has never been my strong suit, but I was pretty sure that we were facing east, so I thought that my odds of catching a gorgeous Greek sunrise were pretty good.

I was right. Fifteen minutes later, after opening our balcony doors, still trying desperately not to wake up my husband, I looked to the horizon and let out a little squeal of excitement  The sky was painted with a stunning array of colors. Moments later, the bright, blazing sun peeked its face over the horizon and rose slowly into the sky. It was absolutely beautiful.

Sitting down on our quaint little balcony, I soaked up the morning beauty around me. Maybe jet lag isn't so bad after all.

Catching the sunset on my first morning in Santorini

The view from the balcony of our cozy B&B

The view from the other side of the balcony wasn't bad either!

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  1. Definitely a beautiful way to start the day! It looks a million amusing times more peaceful than the one I will have as soon as my trio of kids wake up--we certainly are in two different places! Enjoy the quiet morning and the excitement of being in a new (well, maybe you've been there before?) city with your husband (who hopefully will wake soon!). :)

  2. Aww. Just beautiful - I am so jealous.

  3. gorgeous! I can only imagine how that looked in person. hope your jet lag clears soon - enjoy your vacation!

  4. I love this - I have been there and you capture it perfectly. Like you are stealing time. Delicious.

  5. That sun rise is definitely a perk of jet lag! Absolutely gorgeous! What a fabulous vacation you will have, thanks for sharing this glimpse. I love Santorini!

  6. Those views are amazing - that would cure jet lag!

  7. Perfect time for a Slice! I've been there and loved the opportunity, but I hope you didn't have pay for the lack of sleep later. Jet lag is a pain. But love your vacay!!! Share more pics with us

  8. Santorini is on my list of places to visit (after I saw my cousin's pics from there)! Your sunrise is beautiful!!! Hopefully you will get to enjoy many more! Wishing you a lot of fun!