Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brother/Sister Bonding

At 10:45, as I was rubbing my tired eyes and getting ready to say good-night to my family, realization dawned on me. 

"Oh man, it's Tuesday and I totally forgot to blog!" 

My comment piqued my brother's attention. "Wait, you have a blog?" he asked inquisitively. Then, almost instantly... "Show me!" 

For the next ten minutes, I put on my tour guide hat and showed my brother around my blog. Although I was hesitant at first, wondering if he'd find it boring, I found myself gradually giving more detail as he expressed a growing interest. Each question he asked or comment he made led to a new explanation of a different facet of my writing or of the Slice of Life challenge. 

"So, do people read your blog? How do they find it?"     
                            We looked at the statistics section of my blogger account and then jumped to the 
                             TWT website to learn about the Slice of Life Challenge. 

"Wow! That post got a lot of views! What was it about?"
                             We clicked over to skim through a few of my posts...

"What else do you write about?" 
                              ...and then we kept scrolling and reading together.

"Oh, Mrs. M (his English teacher) would love that sentence..." 
                             My heart smiled as he singled out and recited one of the sentences I had tried to carefully craft in a previous post. 
And then, my favorite question came..."So, are you going to post tonight?" he asked. 

I had been asking myself the very same question. "Well," I responded, "I do every Tuesday, but we were so busy today that the day just sort of got away from me. It's the first week I've missed since March 1st, though..." 

"Write a post now!" he cried, inching a bit closer to the laptop. "You could write about our day today! You know, write about all of the places we went together. Or write about all of the details we had to go through when we bought the laptop just now." 

"I was thinking about it..." I told him hesitantly. I wasn't sure if I had it in me to craft a blog post this late at night after such a full day. 

"Come on, I'll help you!" 

And that was all of the convincing I needed. If my "little" brother (it's hard to call him "little" when he is 18 years old and towers 15 inches above me, his "big" sister) was willing to help me keep my Slice of Life commitment, then how could I resist? 

Having just spent the entire day together running errands for his upcoming graduation party, we certainly had enough to write about. We could write about the brother/sister breakfast date we had at the local diner... or about purchasing a graduation cake and party supplies...or about any of the errands we did as we hit 14 different stores together today! 

But as the clock inched closer and closer to midnight, I decided to rely on two simple pictures (per Andrew's suggestion) to relay how Andrew and I felt after a very fun and productive (but exhausting) afternoon. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words... and we are both far too tired to write that much tonight! 
Secret snapshots taken by my mom after Andrew
and I came home from a marathon of errand running for his
upcoming high school graduation party


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  1. I'm so glad you squeezed in a Slice tonight! This Slice really speaks volumes about your relationship with your brother! I love that he was interested in your blog, that's really cool. The pictures were a great addition, too!

  2. What fun! I love that your brother was so curious about your blog and that you were able to celebrate writing and sharing with him! You shared your story so clearly! I felt like I was right there listening into the excitement and questions! Congrats on your great brother/sister relationship. Congrats on squeezing in a Tuesday slice! Congrats to your brother and his graduation! Big things happening in your family! Enjoy!

  3. This post made me smile! Such a great relationship you and your brother share. Thank you for giving us all a peek. :-)