Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thankful for a Schedule Change

I am the epitome of a creature of habit. For better or worse, I live of life of patterns and schedules. My mornings almost always start the same: I wake up, brew a pot of coffee, check my email, eat a half cup of oatmeal and 6 oz of yogurt for breakfast, and then spend time reading and praying. I then "primp" while I listen to music playing from my Kindle and before I leave for school, I grab my purse, my gym bag, and my lunch (all of which I packed and carefully laid out the night before) and head out the door. The habits that form my daily schedule are probably bordering on the line of a compulsion.

But tonight I am thankful to have a schedule change. A Wednesday night that is unlike any other.

Normally by this time on a Wednesday, I have rushed through a workout at the gym, scarfed down some dinner, and am on my way to help out at program my church hosts for primary school students. I love volunteering in that capacity. Although I am frequently exhausted on my drive there, I always leave with a happy heart. There's nothing quite like chatting with third graders, listening to them recite memory verses, or having some run up to you and treat you with a hug for no apparent reason. Without a doubt, my Wednesday nights are usually pretty great.

But tonight will be great in a different way.  My munchkins are on "Spring Break," which means that tonight I'll get a little extra time with my best friend. I'll get to prepare a homemade dinner for us to the kitchen table! Tonight, I'll get to hear the full story of his day instead of the 10-minute "Reader's Digest" version I usually hear on Wednesdays. Tonight, I might even get to snuggle up and watch an episode of Person of Interest  with him or curl up with a good book! Yes, tonight will be a welcomed upset to the normal patterns of my life.


  1. I'm glad it's a snuggle up night for you. Do you get to do Awana? We have a new program happening at our church on Wednesday's. I love reading about your positive outlook and am seeing what a generous heart that you have. xo

    1. Yes! The program I volunteer at is AWANA. I didn't think many people would have heard of it. I love being part of it! I participated as a kid, so I think that makes it especially enjoyable to be on the other side of it. :)

  2. I have a specific routine in the morning too. I've tried to mix it up sometimes but it doesn't work out. Have a fun, snuggly evening!